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Las Vegas Night Life

Las Vegas has chronic insomnia, because as it gets dark, the city just starts to wake up and show its true face. The nightlife in Las Vegas is enchanting and grand, with people from all over America and part of the world coming here in search of unbridled fun. So if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, but choose between sightseeing and entertainment, don’t be a nuisance for at least 2 days: forget your plans and go to the nearest supermarket for a cold belly or a rose. Let the champagne flow by the river because this is Las Vegas, baby! And don’t forget, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”



Encore at Wynn. It’s a bit far from the Strip, but it’s still got everything you need. Here’s the best club in Las Vegas (according to XS club that we went to after dinner is on the ground floor of our hotel complex. Entrance is paid, like all nightclubs in Las Vegas – I paid $50 for two. There’s face control and dress code.

clubs in las vegas


When you get inside, you realize that a lot of millions of dollars have been invested in this place. The interior is delightful. The creators say they were inspired by the sexual curves of the female body. Gold, expensive jewelry, armchairs with expensive upholstery – this luxury attracts those who like to rest beautifully in their arms. Everything is arranged at a very high level: advanced sound technologies, chic furniture, design, lasers, LEDs, pyrotechnic devices and of course DJs who perform here. That night Afrojack played, who left no chance to be indifferent to what he was doing at the remote control. The huge dance floor was filled with excited people moving in tune with the first-class sound, and through the overheated characters cooled their fervor in the open air pool. It was fucking cool and fun, all soaked in the atmosphere of the holiday!

The XS Club pool party

If luxury seemed to be little, you can order one of the most iconic cocktails in Las Vegas – The Ono, worth $10,000! The name of the drink is given in honor of the Polynesian god Oro, who, according to legend, brought the black pearl to Princess Bora Bora. The drink is made of expensive Champagne Charlie 1981 and exclusive Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac. After finishing your cocktail, you’ll enjoy a bonus set of silver Montblanc cufflinks and an 18-carat gold necklace with black pearls and a diamond, which can be taken with you as a reminder of the XS Club and the shining lights of Vegas.

ONO cocktail

An alternative to the unrestrained fun is Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, located on the roof of The Cosmopolitan. In the same club we were in New York, but here, unlike his glamorous brother, do not create a specially artificial queue, because people come here to have fun and spend money. The entrance is $40 for men and $20 for girls. The club is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. The main Marquee dance floor is a classic club that Vegas can only boast. It is the place where the night begins and the place where everything can end, where you feel the drive and want to dance. But it’s only the main dance floor, every club has one, that’s what makes them clubs. But Marquee is much more. Multi-level space, a lounge disguised as a library, huge LED screens surrounding the dance floor and constant deliveries of famous DJs turn this club rather into an ultra-modern and cosmopolitan nightclub.

Marquee Nightclub

When you move to another plane, you get to a very warm and conceptual room called a library. The shades and atmosphere make you look like you’re a night-time burner and an interesting conversationalist. But do not be confused: this is not a lounge where you come when you are tired and want to relax, this is the place where you can relax from the dance floor and have a chance to talk to a pleasant interlocutor, sitting by the fireplace in a soft chair, sipping some single malt whiskey.

If you want something medium, the most correct decision is to go to the Boombox, which, by the way, not everyone is allowed. It is such a separate room, where there is very little dancing space, and a lot of people, but by this time everyone is already so drunk that all rhythmically move at each other’s feet. There is also a panoramic bar and VIP tables, with the farthest ones having a steep view of the Strip if the curtains are open. And those who did not have enough for the VIP, can admire the view on the balcony, though it comes out only Harmon Avenue, but still not bad, in the middle of the night, fresh air can be very useful.

Group of people watching a show

Marquee is also famous for its daytime pool parties, one of which I had the chance to attend on my first visit to Las Vegas. People come here to have fun both day and night, so when someone makes good music at the choppers, you’re full of energy and strength, and you have a refreshing cocktail in your hand, you start dancing at 2-3 pm. It’s optimal if you want to hang out, but at the same time sleep at night. But again, things change when it’s nighttime in Vegas.

Marquee pool party

Another famous nightclub in Las Vegas, TAO, is located in Hotel Venetian. It’s open Thursday through Saturday. Entrance for men is $30, for women $20. The club has Asian themes: a huge Buddha statue, a temple-like lounge, a dance floor with the pathos name “Dance Floor of the Emperors”. Not far from the entrance there are models painting different patterns of henna, and passing a little further you can see naked beauties bathing in a bath with petals of roses. Beautiful, pompous, there are also worthy arrivals.

TAO Las Vegas club

Among the famous clubs of Las Vegas was the PURE club in Caesars Palace. It was a cool club with good sound, own DJs, an excellent VIP area and helpful staff. In 2015, it was bought by Hakkasan and rebranded, opening a new Omnia club, which has already reached the top 100 according to djmag magazine. What is here now, I hope, will be learned soon. If anyone was, write a comment.

About hookers

There are no prostitutes on the streets of Las Vegas as such, but literally at every step a huge number of Hispanics hand out business cards with photo cards and phones is confusing. By the end of our stay, we had a pretty good collection.

Of prostitutes in Las Vegas

How to get to the club.

  •  If you have a large group of men, then be prepared that you will be offered to buy a deposit table. The cheapest in the same XS costs $ 1500, and it is located far away on the street; normal tables will cost about $3000-4000. If it seemed to you that it is expensive, they can offer an alternative – to pay for a deposit table service. What is bottle service in Las Vegas? It’s when you buy a bottle of whiskey or vodka for 600 bucks! But it’s no problem for you to go through a big company.
  • If you don’t want to pay ten times the price of a bottle, find lonely girls and break up your men’s group, then your chances of getting in together are skyrocketing. In return, treat the girls with a cocktail or pay for their entrance.
  • Buy tickets in advance. Tickets for all events can usually be purchased from the club’s official website. If you have a ticket, in most cases you will have a separate entrance. Of course, no one guarantees that there will be no queue, and this does not mean that you can come in adikas or in an inadequate condition – the club reserves the right to refuse admission even with a pre-paid ticket.
  • When booking a hotel in Las Vegas, be sure to ask if they offer additional bonuses in the form of free night club invitations or discount coupons for any show. Hotels are happy to offer various bonuses as long as the customer becomes a guest.
  • Hotels have their own agreements with many clubs, so in the lobby you can find racks with flyers or promoters themselves. Their task is to attract a certain public to the club, so they often offer a discounted ticket price.
  • You can also find interesting offers from different club companies. For example, a night tour of the clubs in a limousine, which includes: transportation between the clubs with music and free drinks inside the car, guaranteed passage through the VIP area to several clubs without waiting in line, welcome drinks and much more. There are different combinations, it all depends on your taste and wallet – you can even order a personal bodyguard who will push everyone around just to make you feel comfortable. I think that’s very relevant to Vegas.
  •  Dress code. Forget about shorts, slates, wrestlers and other beachwear. Also leave sneakers in your wardrobe, even if they’re cool, no sports shoes.
  • Ladies, be careful. By choosing beautiful, but uncomfortable clothes, you will have an advantage in the aisle, but at the same time create problems for yourself. 10cm heels can be and look cute for 2-3 minutes, but do not look cute barefoot dancing around your bag and shoes. Same with the dress, it may look cool on a mannequin, but if you’re not comfortable wearing it, then get ready to join the bartender all night.

How do you get to the Las Vegas Club

About life in Las Vegas

Man playing dj mixer

Vegas is cool, I’ll be back here the next time I pass. But for more than three or four days, there’s no point in stopping. I have friends who lived and worked here. They had good wages, cool paid hotel rooms, endless fun and more, but they all worked here for no more than a year. Everyone said in one voice that at the beginning it was cool, yes, every day is a holiday, fun, parties, often on weekends friends and relatives came, but you get tired of all this very quickly, and after six months you are sick of these casinos, parties and the eternal drunken eel that reigns around you. Fun is exhausting.