Las Vegas: Visitor’s guide

Before the first trip to Las Vegas, it seemed like a murder of time, money and mood. Nighttime fun wasn’t about me, and the city looked like an expensive and endless party from the movies. But they were passing by anyway, so it was impossible to ignore it.

In fact, Vegas is a place where escort ladies wear between untidy ludomans, and you want to open a beer, shove twenty bucks in the machine and forget about everything. I haven’t relaxed so much even in Bali: there were fears that now my bike will hit a rock and fly right under the sightseeing bus. And it wasn’t until Vegas that Zen finally happened.

Come on weekdays

Las Vegas: Visitor's guide

Americans don’t travel much, but Las Vegas does. They come here for the weekend by families and big companies, so from Friday to Sunday prices for hotels are higher – cheaper than $200 per night you just can’t find anything. On weekdays, pilgrimages are reduced and hotels throw away super deals – you can easily snatch a near luxury Mandalay Bay for $100 and a simple Excalibur for $50.

Just not in summer

It’s spring or fall to Las Vegas. It’s sunny and warm, with temperatures approaching 30 degrees. The city is fresher in winter, around 15 degrees, but that’s nice too. And there’s nothing worse than Vegas in summer – especially in July. It’ll be 40 degrees in the shade, and the windless desert adds to the hottest sensation. You’ll only have to move through the labyrinths of air-conditioned casinos – otherwise you won’t survive.

How many days does it take

A lot, definitely not. Of course, everything can’t be avoided in a week, but a couple of days at the casino, walks and all sorts of shows like dancing fountains and pirate war on the ship will be enough. If it’s more, first of all, you’ll get bored, secondly, you’ll really go broke. To stay in Las Vegas longer than two days, you need a slightly different program.

Las Vegas: Visitor's guide

Optionally, go to the outlet. Or you could guess the trip so you can get to the Vegas Golden Knights local hockey team’s game.

Yes, there are replicas of all the sights in the world – Eiffel Tower, Venice Canals, King Arthur’s Castle, Egyptian Sphinx, Colosseum and so on.

How to get from the airport

By the way, you won’t be able to fly in for the weekend without any complications and transfers: Aeroflot has direct flights only to New York, Los Angeles and Miami. And it’s unlikely you’ll go to America for one Vegas – it’ll be part of the combination. The easiest way to get out of L.A. is five, six hours by car or an hour by plane. Las Vegas airport is the best place to take Uber. $20 – and you’re on a main street called the Strip. You can, of course, save money and look for shuttles and shuttles, but why bother when you come to relax?

You live on the Strip and you walk

The Las Vegas Strip is the street that the city is made up of. There’s also a downtown, but it’s a little later. The strip is seven kilometers of hotels, casinos, restaurants and shops connected to each other. At first it’s even hard to believe the scale, but in a few hours you get used to the 24-hour traffic, and it all seems like a kind of turned on TV for the background noise.

Basically, it does not matter what point of the Strip to live in, but if you do not want to stomp to the center of the street a few kilometers, then your options Caesar and Venetian – really, it is expensive there. If walking marathons do not scare you, it is better to consider something on the bend.

Have breakfast in the cafeterias

Las Vegas is lured by relatively low hotel prices, but everything else has to be paid for. It takes a lot of effort to get dinner cheaper than $80. Plus, don’t forget the tip: Las Vegas tourists don’t even burn in July like people who don’t leave 20% of their tea bill to an American waiter. That’s the way it is, and you’re not gonna do anything about it.

Las Vegas: Visitor's guide

Fortunately, the food issue is easy to solve – your salvation is the word Buffet. Translated into Russian, it’s the legendary all-inclusive. Breakfast will cost $25-30 per person, Buffet is available in every hotel, and you can pay at the vending machine – an ideal chance to do without a tip, which is sure to ask at the cash desk.

For a small amount of money you get a buffet and the opportunity to eat as not in yourself. This is the wisest money investment in Las Vegas that exists. You can have lunch and dinner in the cafeterias. Really, it would cost $10 more than breakfast, and you’d have to pay extra for endless alcohol. So in case of lunch or dinner you can go to a restaurant, and if you want to save money – go to supermarkets and fast food.

How do you get out of the casino?

Las Vegas is the only place in the world where I played casino. There’s nowhere else to go, and there’s a special atmosphere and it’s impossible to pass by. It’s very simple – you put the bill in the machine and you play. If it’s a lot of bills, try poker. I allocated no more than $100 for the game each time, so I didn’t even pry into the cards – there was enough one-armed gangster. Something to win in the big machines, where a lot of lines and any combinations. Especially good went to Buffalo – in the first trip flew 200 $, in the second – 100 $.

How it works is not clear: just at some point you tear down a successful combination, the chair starts shaking, and the winnings grow on the screen. You don’t know the exact sum and just get high from increasing numbers – experiencing these emotions, you even understand why there are so many ludomans in the world.

Except the defeat disorder is more devastating than the joy of victory. So do not try to play back and leak all the cache you brought on vacation.

And once again: play only machines with many lines and combinations. In simple with three sevens I could not win a dollar.

Fly over the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas: Visitor's guide

It’s a little out of line with the idea of not spending millions, but one of Las Vegas’ main attractions is a trip to neighboring Arizona’s Grand Canyon. There are four options for excursions: just take the bus and see this beauty ($100), take the bus and fly in the canyon by helicopter ($300), fly to the canyon in a small plane and break in by helicopter ($450) or go all the way by helicopter (about $700).

Yes, flight prices seem daunting, but it’s a lifelong impression. The helicopter flies so steeply into the canyon that you feel like you’re the hero of those very American movies about the Vietnam War, that right now you’ll be dropped off with a sniper rifle and given a mission. The feeling of flying inside the canyon can’t be compared to anything at all! Not to mention the canyon itself – this miracle of nature must be seen. Excursions usually involve a transfer from the hotel and back, and take you to the western part of the canyon – the Indian reservation. It’s atmospheric, too.

Forgotten Las Vegas

Everyone associates Vegas with the Strip, but it started somewhere else, on Fremont Street (this neighborhood is called downtown). It’s twice as cheap and trash-cheap – a wide pedestrian street full of tourists, animators, and freaks, and it’s a big country party.

In the mood it’s no worse than on the Strip, and in some places even brighter and more fun. On Fremont, you can live in peace on the night from Saturday to Sunday for less than $100, and on weekdays – probably almost for free. There are also endless casinos, and beer in the bars is priced like in the shops. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to Fremont, but you can definitely spend one night here.


How to hand out cards in poker

Poker is a popular card game that has several varieties. The dealer hands out cards to the players and watches their actions at the poker table. To become a good dealer in poker, you need to develop special skills and characteristics. They will help you both when playing poker with friends and when finding a job as a professional poker dealer. The dealer must be able to hand out cards correctly, have special skills and know the intricacies of several types of game.

Cards in poker

Handing out Cards

Drag the deck. Masking causes the cards to be mixed to get the most unpredictable distribution of cards in the deck. Without shuffling cards, some players may be able to predict the exact appearance of cards, giving them an unacceptable advantage. There are several shuffling techniques. Shuffling of cards in poker usually consists of a fluted shuffle, boxing and a shuffle cut.

  • During a corrugated shuffle, the dealer divides the deck in half, takes each half in one hand and mixes it by placing the card corners of each half against each other and then letting go of the cards to mix them.
  • Boxing – the dealer takes the top quarter of the deck and puts it on the table. Then he takes the next quarter and puts it on top of the first one, and then repeats the same thing with the remaining deck.
  • Trimming shuffle – the dealer puts the deck on the table and asks another player to divide it into two parts. Then the lower part of the deck is placed on the upper one.
  • Watch the shuffle tutorial videos on YouTube if you want to learn different shuffle techniques. Some types of shuffling, like Indian and fluted shuffling on the table, are known to look more elegant than others.

People playing poker together

Give cards to players. There are two main styles of handing: American and European. Change your style depending on the mood or types of players.

  • In American Style, the dealer holds the deck with one hand, pressing the front right corner of the card with his thumb and index finger, then swinging the cards to the players.
  • In European style, the dealer only touches the top card and shifts it to the left, then resets the card to the player, sometimes twisting it.

“Burn” and flip the card. If you play a type of poker such as Texas Hold’em, where players have open cards, the top cards must be “burned” or dropped. The dealer must also flip the fourth of the five cards he has given to the players. Players can then use this card to form their ready hand (a “hand” is a combination of cards of the player).

Keep an eye on the pot. The dealer monitors the size of the player’s bets and rakes, as well as the size of the side banks. Use a special online calculator such as PokerListings to keep track of the size of the side banks. Read out your players’ hands and at the end move the winning pot to the winner.

Dealer characteristics development

Practice a lot. Stuffing a deck, handing out cards to players and monitoring the size of the pot are skills that can be developed by constantly performing them. Practise at home before playing with a deck of cards to improve your accuracy and dexterity.

Be a professional. Players want to have a good time. For the dealer, this means keeping a positive mood, exercising restraint and keeping quiet throughout the game. He must also answer players’ questions and solve problems. The dealer must have good communication and customer service skills (with the players). A good dealer must be able to communicate with players as well as with casino staff.

Familiarize yourself with the varieties of poker. There are many different ways to play poker, so check out the rules of each of them. The most popular varieties of poker are Texas Hold’em, five and seven card stacks and five card drops. Read and watch the tutorial videos on various websites (TruePokerDealer) to learn how to play this or that variety of poker.

Card Distribution in Texas Hold’em

Playing cards with poker chips

Give each player two shirt top cards. The player on the Small Blind should get the first card. This will be the player to your left. He must bet half of the full bet for this round.

Keep an eye out for bets made on the preflop. Watch how each player makes a Raise (will raise a large blind or more), Call (will confirm the current bet) or Fold (will save and reset cards). Players take action in a clockwise direction. Bets will continue until each player resets his cards, chips or levels his bet against other players’ bets.

Hand out the Flop. After each player has paid a blind or ante as required by the rules you are playing, give three cards with your shirt down. These cards will be shared by all players. After that the second stage of the bidding will begin.

Give away one general map. In Texas Hold’em, combinations are made of hidden cards in the hands of the players and shared open cards. The first three cards are flop cards, and the next one is called a tern card. The third round of bidding will begin. Players will place their bets in a clockwise direction.

Give out the last common card. It’s called a “river”. After that, the fourth round of bidding will begin and the cards will be opened.

Tell the players to open their cards. The winner will be determined by the best hand of five cards: two of the player’s cards and five on the table.

Five-card hand

Ace card game cards casino

Give each player five cards. Distribute one card each with your shirt on top, starting on the left. Give one card each until all players have five cards.

  • In this game each player is given a full hand, which remains hidden throughout the game. Players can improve cards by replacing them.

Place the remaining cards in the centre of the table. Put a chip or some other item on top of them so that they can be distinguished from other cards.

Get started with the bidding. At this stage players must be very careful not to show their cards to others.

Allow players to replace and discard cards. Each player can drop as many cards as he wants, and replace them with the same number of cards from the deck in the centre of the table. In the end, each player will have five cards.

Resume the bidding. If you have placed blinds (bets that only two players have paid before handing out their cards), the bets must start from the player on your left.

Tell the players to reveal their cards. This part is called a “showdown”. The player with the best five cards wins the pot.

Tip: Try not to reveal your cards while you are stirring them up.