There are four of us in total, though we are always looking for fresh recruits. Tom Holland and Andrey Crosswerld are the core team and the co-founders of the entire project. They launched the rcmq.ca platform back in 2016 and put in place the foundation of the growing information hub. Debora Stanis became the first new recruit, joining in the beginning of 2016 and livening the site with her colourful slot reviews. The final piece of the puzzle was found in the winter months of the same year, in the face of Benjamin Webb, the Kid of the office. These four have been working on expanding the reach of rcmq.ca ever since, striving to turn it into the most useful tool for the casino fan.

Our Goal – To Find Great Online Casinos

All members of our team have started out as regular casino players. Ever since Microgaming launched the first online platforms back in 1994, there have been countless opportunities opening up for fans of gambling. Internet platforms provided a convenient solution for those who couldn’t afford to visit a real brick-and-mortar casino – but also created a viral environment for scams and frauds.

The lack of reliable information is a problem that all online players have to tackle, so ever since 2016, we have been trying to address it. We try to combine the passion of a gambling fan with the expertise that comes from different fields of life. We need to be thorough, as assessing casino platforms and software requires an eye for the detail and an analytical approach. However, we also try to make our platform as reader-friendly as possible.

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